GoodPeople Connect

Working with the Shard to empower Southwark residents to achieve their full career potential.

Inspiring local talent

Working with the Shard to empower Southwark residents to achieve their full career potential.

The problem

According to Southwark Council, Southwark is home to almost 11,000 people out of continuous work and claiming benefits. Communities with high levels of worklessness face reoccurring problems of social exclusion, poverty and poor health. These factors contribute to a cycle that keeps talented people unemployed.

Our mission

We think of Southwark as a skilled and diverse community with members who are not achieving their full potential. We have worked with the property developers of the Shard to design an effective business model to address the borough’s employment related issues.

We offer a free socially responsible recruitment service for London businesses. We partner with London-wide companies, such as those located within the Shard, to offer a professional recruitment service to immediately available candidates within the London Borough of Southwark. We operate as a recruitment agency, screening talent and introducing them to businesses requiring staff.

What we’re doing


We started off by forming partnerships with a number of job brokerages services and local employment initiatives to get access to the Southwark residents who could really benefit the most from the programme.


We also built relationships with a number of prestigious employers interested in giving back to their local community, to ensure our candidates had access to great jobs from the get go.


We developed an innovative training and personal development programme to help inspire local talent to reach their full potential and find careers that are sustainable for them in the long term.

Our partners

Unemployed Southwark residents assisted into employment


What we’ve done and where we’re going

GoodPeople Connect to date has assisted 447 candidates into over 200 companies, with 295 of those sustaining a minimum of 6 months sustained employment. We have maintained a retention rate of 70%, 44% of our placed candidates have been within the 18-24 age bracket and 75% are from ethnicities other than white. Most excitingly, nearly 100 have been placed within the Shard itself.
Now that we have tested, refined and developed a successful model, we are now looking to grow and scale it. We want to take GoodPeople Connect into other projects across Southwark and into other boroughs to help as many candidates in London as we can.


Get involved!

If you're a jobseeker from Southwark or a London-based employer wanting to give back to your community, then get in touch with us now!