Meet the good people here at GoodPeople

<a href=''>Richard Tyrie</a>

Richard Tyrie


Richard is GoodPeople's CEO, leading on venture design, business development and partnerships.

<a href=''>Liliana Guedes da Silva</a>

Liliana Guedes da Silva

Talent and Development Director

Liliana is Talent and Development Director at GoodPeople and leads the team.

<a href=''>Ayanda Chiwuta</a>

Ayanda Chiwuta

Marketing Executive

Marketing communications and the management of processes is at the forefront of Ayanda's responsibilities.

<a href=''>Gavin Hughes</a>

Gavin Hughes

Executive Chairman

Gavin is Executive Chairman, after selling his business in 2013, Gavin wanted to find a new career path that could make use of his commercial skills and deliver significant social impact.

<a href=''>Christina Senechyn</a>

Christina Senechyn

Project Support Officer

Christina is a Project Support Officer, Christina holds a multifaceted role which necessitates the provision of support across all projects within GoodPeople.

<a href=''>Hina Mashadi</a>

Hina Mashadi

Talent and Client Relations Manager

Hina is the Talent and Client Relations Manager, Hina invests her efforts in building and maintaining mutually beneficial stakeholder relations and offering first class recruitment service.

<a href=''>Rory Mackenzie</a>

Rory Mackenzie

Project FORTIS Ambassador

Rory is a Project FORTIS Ambassador, A distinguished veteran from the Armed Forces, Rory helps Project FORTIS engage with the wider Armed Forces community.