GoodPeople is a peer-to-peer marketplace to help organisations attract people who want to use their skills to support the causes they care about.

What’s wrong

The UK faces increasingly complex social issues, which are further compounded by a challenging economic climate and cuts to public service provision. The UK’s social sector is facing nearly £3 billion in funding cuts, while simultaneously having to cope with  a £1.7 billion drop in charitable giving since the recession. The urgency to adapt to these increasing pressures is getting ever more great.

Although finances are tighter than ever before, there are other resources for the sector to tap into, namely people’s time and skills. Many people would like to give their time or expertise to causes they’re passionate about, and many causes could desperately do with the support. However, most people either don’t know how to go about this, or don’t have time to do the legwork to find out where their expertise would be most valued.

Our solution

Our mission is to make it easy for individuals to use their skills, expertise and networks to help tackle the big social, environmental and economic challenges of the 21st century.

Our platform is a place for start-ups, charities, social enterprises and NGOs to connect with individuals from all sectors and get the skills and expertise they need to thrive and grow. Anyone can sign up for free to advertise their skills or needs to the GoodPeople community, and then share their requirements across their own social networks.

Next steps

We’re enabling the creation of a network of ‘GoodPeople-Powered’ platforms across the country, enabling our partners to launch their own-branded platforms to make it easier for them to engage and connect their communities.

We’re also currently developing our Version 2 of the platform that will make it even easier for people to connect around good causes in order to increase. Watch this space!

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